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“I want to be the role model and coach I never had. I want to show my clients their true potential and that they’re capable of more than they ever thought.”

Sean's Story

Born in Los Angeles, raised by a single mother, I grew up jumping fences, racing everyone, testing my limitations as I believe we're born to do. 


I was a shy kid, afraid to speak up in class, talk to girls and be myself. I threw myself into evolving as an athlete and tried every sport you can imagine - football was the game I fell for. The fundamentals of outmaneuvering my opponent, being assertive, and having impeccable speed suited my personality. But I also saw myself as being inferior to my teammates. I didn’t have a dad growing up to encourage my talents with tough love and support, so my true potential and desire were hidden.


Struggling to find my identity as a young man combined with a lack of improvement in football, I started getting into trouble at school and sabotaging my eligibility to play. I gave up on myself and gravitated towards a different group of friends. Ones I could relate to, made me feel accepted and validated my misfits, which finally made me feel good something. Deep down, it was all I believed I was destined for.


Constant failures in life and love only made things more confusing. I began experimenting with smoking & drinking to escape but led to getting arrested. These destructive events in my life had brought me down to a place where this felt like my only option. I didn’t have a positive outlet or way of coping with the fact that fear was driving me to lose everything that had meaning in my life or made me feel worthy. 


“Lack of encouragement can keep you from growing.”


I was lost, and I found myself hopeless-no job/education, no love, absolutely nothing to look forward to. I finally hit my rock bottom and it took nearly 5 years to climb out. I went through a process of deep regret, denial, an identity crisis, hopelessness, and feeling unloved. I needed to accept the lies I had been telling myself, and that living this lifestyle was never going to work for me.


However, I didn’t know how to begin such a drastic lifestyle transition. It required some deep introspection as to who I was and how I had got there. I realized that no matter what chapter I had found myself in - I had always gone to school and stayed active. I’m was an athlete and a scholar.


I attended community college, graduated as valedictorian in my class, and delivered a TedTalk. I proved to myself that I was capable of being something in life compared to my peers, yet I was still unsure of where my strongest skills lied.


Until it hit me, most of my time and effort over the years had been applied to fitness - it was my new way coping. I enjoyed the journey of seeing how far I could transform my body, and people naturally gravitated toward me because of it. It was then that I decided to shift my academic efforts and natural skills of being a leader, motivator, and athlete to becoming a personal trainer. 


After having surmounted one of the most trying experiences of my life, where the odds were stacked against me, I believe that I’m able to relate and motivate anyone who’s stuck and feels like change is nearly impossible. Anyone who feels like it's too late to change an unhealthy lifestyle, and needs someone to believe, support, and show them what they’re capable of. 


I want to remind my clients of who they truly are, and the magic that can happen when you break through the barrier of untapped potential. The coach I never had, is the dedicated trainer I am to my clients.

-Sean Wilson

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